Western Cluster Finals

SENIORS – Group 11 V Group 10

Ten minutes in and despite some exciting play the scores are still nil all.

Group 10 pressing with a repeat set following a Group 11 line drop out. 18 minutes remaining in the first half.

TRY: After some outstanding lead up work from Justin Toomey-White, Keiran Cubby-Shipp has finished off superbly in the corner to open the scoring for Group 11. Conversion unsuccessful. Group 11 lead Group 10 by 4 – 0.

Approaching half time and the score remains Group 11 four – Group 10 nil. Despite having the majority of field position, Group 10 are still trailing.

HALF TIME: In what has been a low scoring but scintillating first half, Group 11 holds a slender 4 – 0 lead over Group 10. After weathering an early onslaught and scoring on one of their very rare raids into Group 10’s territory, Group 11 are surprise first half leaders.

TRY: Group 11 have come out blazing with John Grey scoring the opening try of the second half. Conversion unsuccessful. Group 11 leading Group 10 by 8 – 0.

TRY: Group 11 are climbing all over Group 10 now with tries in back to back sets. The latest a solo effort from Colby Pellow after the team marched 100m down the field. Pellow converts his own try to hand Group 11 a 14 – 0 lead.

TRY: A try against the run of play to Group 10’s Cody Robbins has opened the door for a late dramatic comeback. Converted by Ben McAlpine and the score narrows to Group Eleven 14 – Group Ten 6.

A couple of missed opportunities late look to have doomed Group 10. Time running out and they still trail Group 11 by 8 points.

The seconds tick off the clock. Group 11 look to be home with an 8 point lead and only a minute and a half remaining.

FULL TIME: Group 11 have taken out the Western Representative Cluster Senior Cluster Final defeating a gallant Group 10 side who dominated early but failed to capitalise. Group 10 fought late and looked set for a dramatic escape before a couple of late mistakes cost them dearly. It was an entertaining final and Group 11 were deserved winners after showing more composure during the pivotal parts of the match.

Group 11: Tries – Keiran Cubby-Shipp, John Grey, Colby Pellow. Goals – Colby Pellow.

Group 10: Tries – Cody Robbins. Goals – Ben McAlpine.


UNDER 18s – Group 11 V Group 10

5 minutes gone and despite early chances for both sides, the score remains nil all.

Approaching half time and the score remains Nil all. Something has to give.

TRY: And there it is! Try to Group 11 Jesse Parker on the end of a sweeping back-lie move. Converted by Kotoni Staggs and Group 11 lead Group 10 by 6 – 0.

TRY: Group 10 hit straight back with a try of their own scored by Daniel Jeffries. Conversion successful. Scores level and 6 – 6.

Half time and the scores are locked at 6 a piece.

TRY: An early second half try scored by Kotoni Staggs propels Group 11 into the lead. Conversion unsuccessful. Group 11 lead 10 – 6.

TRY: Scores are level after a beautiful try to Jye Barrow. 10 points all. A draw will see Group 11 be crowned victors.

FULL TIME: Group 11 have won on a count back after both sides scored two tries. Group 11 being first try scorers have won.

Group 11: Tries – Jesse Parker, Katoni Staggs. Goals – Katoni Staggs.

Group 10: Tries – Daniel Jeffries, Jye Barrow. Goals – Josh Rivett.

UNDER 16s – Group 11 V Group 10

TRY:Jai Doolan has scored the first try for Group 10 in the Under 16s Final. Conversion was unsuccessful. Group 10 lead Group 11, 4 point to nil.

TRY: Jai Merritt has opened the scoring for the Group 11 side. Conversion successful by Merritt. Group 11 lead 6 points to 4.

TRY: Ethan Kennedy has crossed the stripe for Group 10. Conversion unsuccessful. Group 10 hit the lead 8 points to 6.

TRY: A great team try by Group 10 finished off by Aiden Kilburn. Conversion unsuccessful. Group 10 out to a 12 – 6 lead.

HALF TIME: Group 10 despite scoring three tries to one only lead Group 11 by 12 points to 6.

With 12 minutes remaining the score is still Group Ten 12 – Group Eleven 6.

TRY: A bustling try scored by the big front rower Bradley Gaut. Converted by Jai Merritt. Scores locked at 12 all!

TRY: Clayton Couley crashes through, Group 11 take the lead! Jai Merritt converts. 5 and a half minutes to go. Group 11 leads 18 points to 12.

FULL TIME: Group 11 have emerged victorious 18 points to 12 over Group 10.

Group 11: Tries – Jai Merritt, Bradley Gaut, Clayton Couley. Goals – Jai Merritt 3.

Group 10: Tries – Jai Doolan, Ethan Kennedy, Aiden Kilburn. Goals – Nil.