Western Representative Cluster Live Blog


Group 10 has defeated a gallant debut representative Castlereagh side 48 – 6

Group 10: Tries – Sophie Stammers, Holly Gibson, Olivia Patterson, Tahlia Nugent, Chrissie West, Zoe Mawkes, Mallory Goodmen, karah Armstrong. Goals – Chrissie West 8

Castlereagh: Tries – Shona Artery. Goals – Tori Canham

Group 11 has sneaked past an unlucky Woodbridge Cup in a thrilling Ladies League Tag clash 12 points to 10

Group 11: tries – Rikka Lane, Tarlee Roberts. Goals – Kaitlyn Mason 2.

Woodbridge Cup: Tries – Tayla Press, Tash Clemson. Goals – Tayla Press.

Woodbridge Cup has shaken off the disappointment of their first round defeat to account for Castlereagh 46 – 12 in the Consolation Final

Woodbridge: Tries РNikita Kirby 2, Ella Harris, Ashley McLean, Heidi Regan, Taylor Press, Takira Charles, Mikayla Mongon. Goals РTaylor Press 4, Ashley McLean, Ella Harris 2.

Castlereagh: Tries – Sheryn Baird, Shona Artery. Goals – Tori Canham 2.

Group 10 have run out deserved winners in the Western Cluster Ladies League Tag Final 30 points to 4

Group 10: Tries – Chrissie West 2, Tori Moore 2, Matilda Power, Zoe Mawkes. Goals – Chrissie West 3, Matilda Power 2.

Group 11: Tries – Hannah Kelly. Goals – Nil.


Group 11 has defeated Group 10 in a tight contest 28 to 16 after being locked at 10 all at half time

Group 11: Tries – Jackson Bayliss 2, James Nelson, Campbell Woolnough, Benjamin Glasheen, Raymond Towney. Goals – Campbell Woolnough, Thomas Nelson.

Group 10: Tries – Liam Burrell, Noah Ryan, Matt Wilkinson. Goals – Noah Ryan 2.


Group 11 has emerged victorious from a tight tussle with Group 10, 20 points to 4.

Group 11: Tries – Isayah Kelly 2, Blaine Gordon, Zarin Galea. Goals – Matt Burton, Isayah Kelly.

Group 10: Tries – Nathan Swain. Goals – Nil.


Group 11 has run out convincing victors over the President’s 13 representative side 38 – 0

Group 11: Tries – Cye Beer 2, Jai Merritt 2, Darby Medlyn, Clayton Couley, Ashley Dunlop, Daniel Stanley. Goals – Jai Merritt 3

Presidents: Nil.

Group 10 has completed a dominant display against a courageous Group 14 outfit running out 62 – 0 winners

Group 10: Tries – Ethan Kennedy 2, Blake Ryan, Moung Dut, Felix Quinn, Jai Doolan, Michael Latu, Aydan Howland, Adam Fearnley, Aiden Kilburn, Kane Arriola. Goals – Craig Tarr 9.

Group 14: Nil.

The President’s 13 has won a tight Consolation Final 28 points to 16

President’s 13: Tries – Corey Turk 2, Hugh Gibson, Ethan Monk, Billy Barnes. Goals – Braydon Wicks 3.

Group 14: Tries – Jeffery Flick 2, Jamahl Smith. Goals – Luke Gale 2.

Group 11 have won a thrilling Under 16s Western Cluster Final beating Group 10 despite it being three tries a piece.

Group 11: Tries – Jai Merritt, Bradley Gaut, Clayton Couley. Goals – Jai Merritt 3.

Group 10: Tries – Jai Doolan, Ethan Kennedy, Aiden Kilburn. Goals – Nil.


A composed Group 11 has run out victors 42 – 6 against the President’s 13

Group 11: Tries – Harry Van Dartel 2, Billy Burns 2, Jesse Parker, Matt Woolnough, Katoni Staggs, Brad Herbert. Goals – Katoni Staggs 2, Jesse Parker 3.

President’s 13: Tries – Jamie Sinclair. Goals – Hayden Kemper.

Group 10 shook off a determined Castlereagh with late tries to record a 34 to 6 victory

Group 10: Tries – Josh Rivett, Bailey Waldron, Jed Kennedy, Rick Nobes, Dan Jeffries, Ethan Butler, Deryn McKenzie. Goals – Josh Rivett 3.

Castlereagh: Tries – Carl Mason. Goals – Cody Simmons

Group 11 have won on a count back after both sides scored two tries. Group 11 being first try scorers have won.

Group 11: Tries – Jesse Parker, Katoni Staggs. Goals – Katoni Staggs.

Group 10: Tries – Daniel Jeffries, Jye Barrow. Goals – Josh Rivett.


Woodbridge Cup have walloped the Mid West New Era by 42 points to win the Western Cluster 2nd Division Seniors Final

Woodbridge: Tries – Aaron Earsman 2, Andrew Swaffield 2, Brett Morgan, Tim Reagan, Jesse Dunning, Mena Attatangye. Goals – Jason Boney 3, Tim Reagan 2.

Group 10 have outlasted a gallant Castlereagh side 14 Р10 in the opening game of the Western Representative cluster 1st Division. 

Group 10: Tries – Ben McAlpine, Tom Lewsley, Tim Bassman. Goals – Ben McAlpine.

Castlereagh: Tries – Kieran Hazleton, Brad James. Goals – Brad Pickering.

Group 11 have overwhelmed Castlereagh in the second Senior Tri Series 1st Division match 36 – 6.

Group 11: Tries – Jacob Neill 2, Justin Toomey-White, Ben Maguire, Keiran Cubby-Shipp, Jyie Chapman, Brendan tago. Goals: Jeremy Smith 2, Colby Pellow 2.

Castlereagh: Tries – Sam Rawlinson. Goals – Brad Pickering.

FULL TIME: Group 11 have taken out the Western Representative Cluster Senior Cluster Final defeating a gallant Group 10 side who dominated early but failed to capitalise. Group 10 fought late and looked set for a dramatic escape before a couple of late mistakes cost them dearly. It was an entertaining final and Group 11 were deserved winners after showing more composure during the pivotal parts of the match.

Group 11: Tries – Keiran Cubby-Shipp, John Grey, Colby Pellow. Goals – Colby Pellow.

Group 10: Tries – Cody Robbins. Goals – Ben McAlpine.