Western Rams Country Championships Round 3 Team Lists

After wins in the opening two rounds, the Western Rams have had a tremendous start to the 2017 SLE Country Championships. In an effort to keep the momentum and earn top ranking in the Southern pools they will need to put in the hard work and beat arch rivals Bidgee Bulls at Jock Colley Oval, Parkes, this Saturday March 18th.

Bidgee recorded strong wins in Round 1, but struggled in Round 2 against the Greater Southern Stingrays with the 18s coming away with a 54-14 loss and the 16s, a 22-all draw.

The Rams 18s will remain unchanged this weekend on home territory, whilst the 16s will see a few changes; Harry Hopkins, Mckenzie Atkins and Mitch Collins will rest this weekend with Dubbos’ Aiden Lake coming back into the number 5 jersey, whilst Red Bends’ Kyle McClenahan and Nyngan Tigers’ Braith Good join the squad for the first time this season.

U16s v Bidgee Bulls – Jock Colley Oval, Parkes

  1. Benjamin Glasheen (Parkes Marist)
  2. Raymond Towney (Red Bend)
  3. Coopa Martin (Red Bend)
  4. Dylan Marmion (Blayney Bears)
  5. Aiden Lake (St John’s Dubbo)
  6. James Nelson (St John’s Dubbo)
  7. Harry Blake (Nyngan Tigers)
  8. Colby Peckham (South Dubbo)
  9. Campbell Woolnough (Red Bend)
  10. Josh Piper (Orange CYMS)
  11. Nic Barlow (Bathurst Panthers)
  12. Thomas Stimpson (St John’s Dubbo)
  13. Nathan Ward (Bathurst Panthers)
  14. Kyle McClenahan (Red Bend)
  15. Brad Fearnley (Bathurst Panthers)
  16. Logan Conn (Wellington Cowboys)
  17. Jarred Peachey (St John’s Dubbo)
  18. Braith Good (Nyngan Tigers)

Coach: Kurt Hancock


U18s v Bidgee Bulls – Jock Colley Oval, Parkes

  1. Charlie Staines (Forbes Magpies)
  2. Daniel Stanley (Nyngan Tigers)
  3. Craig Tarr (Orange CYMS)
  4. Brock Naden (Wellington Cowboys)
  5. Farren Lamb (Forbes Magpies)
  6. Matt Burton (Dubbo CYMS)
  7. Bayden Searle (Dubbo CYMS)
  8. Joseph Hobby (Blayney Bears)
  9. Jaiden Burke (Forbes Magpies)
  10. Riley Cheshire (Bathurst St Pat’s)
  11. Darby Medlyn (Parkes Spacemen)
  12. Luke Gale (Dubbo Macquarie)
  13. Clayton Couley (Nyngan Tigers)
  14. Jackson Bonhem-Phair (Dubbo CYMS)
  15. Blake Frost  (Dubbo Macquarie)
  16. Raymond Simmons (Nyngan Tigers)
  17. Jack Davis (Dubbo CYMS)
  18. Ty-Lee Simmonds (Oberon Tigers)

Coach: Cameron Greenhalgh
Assistant: Paul McDonald